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Hala Systems, Syria

  • Founded in 2015 by John Jaeger, Dave Levin, and Dr. Franz Busse
  • Develops advanced solutions for civilian and asset protection, accountability, and the prevention of violence before, during, and after conflict
  • As a response to the indiscriminate airstrikes and bombings against civilians in Syria, Hala launched an early warning system called Sentry Syria in partnership with the White Helmets (nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize) –– the system provides 7-10 minutes of warning on average
  • Hala estimates that Sentry Syria reaches 2 million civilians, has saved hundreds of lives, and has prevented thousands of injuries
  • Sentry utilizes a multi-sensor network and artificial intelligence to securely aggregate aircraft observations from civilian observatories, algorithmically predict threatened areas in real-time, and distribute accurate, relevant warnings to as many civilians as possible — all in a matter of seconds