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Ascend Venture Fund (AVF), Greece

  • Strategic advisory led by Marko Oroz and Dave Levin in 2017-18 for the Ascend Collaborative
  • The Ascend Collaborative is a philanthropic vehicle bringing together leading organizations (e.g., IKEA Foundation, Coca-Cola Foundation, Libra Group, Radcliffe Foundation) to pool resources and expertise in support of effective local organizations working on refugee issues in Greece — over 5 million euros were donated within a year of its founding
  • AVF is a proposed 10 million euro impact investment fund, along with a sidecar technical assistance vehicle of 2.5 million euros
  • AVF would provide concessionary growth capital to small- and medium-sized enterprises, as well as social enterprises, in order to create jobs for refugees, migrants, and vulnerable Greeks
  • ROW led the development of the AVF’s impact investment strategy and transitioned ownership to CNL Capital, Greece’s leading SME debt fund