About Us

Refugee Open Ware (ROW) is a network of social entrepreneurs operating through a decentralized governance structure, united by a common theory of change. ROW was founded in 2014 by Dave Levin and Dr. Evan Malone, Founder of NextFab and NextFab Foundation. RoW generally stands for “rest of the world,” and ROW set out to reappropriate this label by channeling the opportunities engendered by advanced technologies to those who actually need help the most. These technologies can enable displaced communities, trapped in liminality, to once again feel connected to the future, empowered to rebuild the shattered world around them.


Catalyze investment in humanitarian technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship, with and for conflict-affected communities.


Harness advanced technology, co-creation, and open innovation to reduce suffering, fulfill basic needs, and accelerate inclusive development in fragile and conflict-affected areas.